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Make your computers happy again

Get your desktop PC working properly

Is your desktop computer too large or too difficult to bring somewhere for repairs? Don't worry, Jeff Computers can help with our mobile repair service.


No matter where you are, our on-site repair service will come straight to your home to fix your computer. You can get your computer working properly while staying in the comfort of your home.


Even if you need repairs on industrial and medical computer equipment, our on-site repair services will visit you and get your computer running smoothly. We can optimize its performance and even remove any viruses.

Repair your computer with updated parts

When your desktop PC has a faulty component or needs an upgrade, Jeff Computers will visit your home and provide on-site service. Since desktop computers all contain their components within the tower, it makes part replacement and repairs easily accessible.


From broken fans to new video cards, your computer can be transformed into a powerful machine that runs like a brand new computer.

Fix hardware issues

  • Fans

  • Hard drives

  • Video cards

  • RAM

  • Monitors

  • Power supply



You'll receive a 30-day guarantee on all computer repair services.

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