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Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale / Accounting / Work Orders

Customer, Employee Workflow & Ticket Management Systems – Streamline productivity and maximize sales with information management and ticketing system where employees track/document activities surrounding multifaceted sales and service transactions.

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Developed as an easier to use, more feature rich and better-priced alternative to the leading small business accounting software, combines:


Checkout, point of sale, accounting, customer and ticket management to maximize productivity, sales, profitability and customer relationships.

PlazSales - Paperless checkout & ticket software

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Interactive digital system tracks sales, reward programs and inventory, streamlines workflow/payroll, eliminates wasted paper and ink and could save businesses hundreds/month in processing fees! Windows PCs/Tablets.

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Sales Lead and Follow-up System – Track potential customers and provide better service to current clients using an integrated calendar, a powerful sales screen and tickets that paint the picture of customer relationships.

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Manage Customer Rewards Programs – Customize the system to track and manage your specific customer rewards program.

Save Paper and Ink – Eliminate wasted paper and ink using the internal messaging system, electronic ticketing, and electronic receipts from an optional signature pin pad.

Integrated Accounting, No Sync Necessary – Keep track of expenses and purchases and process payroll with no syncing necessary between POS and accounting systems.

Save on Credit Card Processing Fees – With freedom to choose own payment processor, or use the included low-priced option, Vantiv.

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Easy Payroll Processing – Track employee clock in/out, summarize by payment timeframe, and submit payroll with one click via integrated and affordable AccuPay payroll processor.

Inventory Management – Track inventory and quantity available for sale.




Calendar - Keep track of appointments with built-in calendar that links to tickets/customers.

Windows-Based - Runs on desktops, laptops, and tablets.


Support - Phone and email support with 24/7 merchant support!

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Custom Report, Catalog and Receipt Designer – Create catalogs, add letterheads and logos, and change layouts using a point-and-click designer.

Advanced, Secure Credit Card Technology – Reads the latest EMV credit card chips,

encrypts credit cards, and never even sees the full credit card info.

Custom Report Printing and Catalog Design